The annual report of the nations from ACFE published $ 7 bn total losses with a median loss per case of $ 130.000 in 2018. This numbers are increasing year by year. 125 contries in 23 industry categories are covered by the report.

SME businesses with less than 100 employees had median losses of $ 200.000 , larger companies with +100 employees a median loss of $ 104.000 per case.

You find three groups of Occupational Fraud and Abuse Classification:


Is still one of the strongest Fraud Class with its sub-classifications

  • Conflict of Interest
  • Bribery
  • Illegal Gratitudes
  • Economic Extorsion

This classes are mainly high volume and white collar fraud schemes .

Asset Misappropiation

in this class you find mainly blue collar staff involvment

  • Cash (Theft of Cash on hand, Theft of Cash Receipts, Fraudulent Disbursements)
  • Inventory and All Other Assets (Misuse, Larency)

Financial Statement Fraud

Another mainly high volume and white collar / owner fraud scheme with the sub-classifications 

  • Net Worth / Net Income Overstatements
  • Net Wort / Net Income Understatements

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