Knowing that integrated management systems should provide simple and robust processes for the employees involved, lean and secure processes are essential. So we focus on state of the art process management using all known and / or on site available IT systems to work on

  • Total cost of Security, Governance & Compliance (TcoSGC)
  • BPM - Business Process Management
  • Security centered Business Process accompaniment
  • SPM - Security Process Management
  • Corporate Security 4.0
  • Corporate Situational Awareness
  • PSIM - Physical Security Information Management
  • CAD - Computer added dispatching
  • SOC - Security Operation Command Center
  • eEducation ( E.VANGELINE I e.authoring I e.diversity :  part of NEUKAMP & PARTNER Risk Consulting GmH)
  • Homeland security process management

We improve total spendings for Security, Governance & Compliance by introducing state of the art fully integrated security approaches, business process management and situational awareness management concepts.