Threat Assessments

A threat assessment is a tool used by law enforcement, government, industry, and most security professionals. These can be very detailed and comprehensive written documents, or simply an awareness of the potential threats faced in various situations. Security guards can utilize this information at the beginning of their duty.

When a threat assessment is done, it may be shared with the security force or the security guard may have to mentally perform his or her own assessment. Some of the threats that may be faced are listed below. To repeat, knowing what is being protected will help determine which of the threats are most likely to be encountered. The next step in a formal threat assessment is to examine the risks. This chapter will not go into great detail about this, but it needs to be understood that once the threat has been identified, it is imperative that a security officer understand the risks associated with that particular threat.

Simply put, a threat assessment is likely something every security officer does daily without realizing exactly what they are doing. It means knowing in detail what it is that is being protected and what the value of that asset is to others. This will help in identifying where threats may come from and the type of attack that may be encountered. Each post that is assigned will have its own unique challenges. For example, one might reasonably assume that an attack from organized crime might involve firearms, while the threat from a radical group might be bomb-related. Potential threats include:

  • Terrorists
  • Organized crime
  • Common criminals
  • Disgruntled employees
  • Radical groups (i.e., animal rights, anti-abortion extremists)
  • Vandals

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  • Losses
  • Information leaks

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