Explosive ordnance detection (EOD) and clearance

NEUKAMP & PARTNERS offers explosive ordnance detection and clearance and all surrounding services. We collaborate with leading experts in EOD and clearance.

We are supporting governmental and private organisations in protecting people and environment against hazards from unexploded ordnance. We assist all kind of construction projects to proof the clearance of construction sites from explosive ordnance.

Our HQ is in Vienna (Austria). Our experts have all necessary licenses and leading expertise for the detection and clearance of explosive ordnance. Countless successful detection and clearance projects as public licensed Expert with leading European specialists in this sector are granting highest efficiency and reliability for our clients.  

We know the technical, personell and economic capabilities of the relevant European players in this highly specialized service industry.

Explosive ordnance detection (EOD) and clearance issues

we are providing together with our partners all kind of services from risk consulting, project  planning, testing up to final clearance including recovery and disposal of unexploded bombs (on land and in water).

Surface Surveys

We are performing surface surveys with conventional methods like excavation monitoring, search teams, historic surveys in combination with state of the art technology (geo radar, large loop detectors, multi channel sensing, EMD (TDEM), 1 to 16 channel computer aided sensing surveys,...)

Sub-Surface Surveys

We are performing sub-surface surveys like gradiometer tests (incl. DISTLOG), borehole radar, borehole backfilling, borehole tamping ram, 3-axes magnetometers. 


Our services are ranging from consulting up to performance of recovery and clearance services on our own by using technical equipment and machineries, providing necessary shoring and bracing constructions, recovery circles, mechanical shifting of soil, under water clearance and related tasks. 

Explosive ordnance detection (EOD) and clearance challenges

Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Operators are technical specialists in neutralizing different types of explosive hazards and threats. 

Extensive training and reliable equipment to detect, identify, render safe and dispose munitions and explosives such as Unexploded Ordnance (UXO), or in conflict areas Improvised Explosive Devices (IED)  is mandatory. This includes know how about UXOs or IEDs that involve Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Explosive (CBRE) materials.

A wide technical and situational variety needs proper preparation and risk management.  A deep knowledge about all related threats and risk dimensions is key for proper risk assessments, clearance planning, the definition of risk mitigation measurements and finally a successful clearance.